I’m Harginder

Personal Life and Career Coach.

My Aim Is To Help You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Life Coaching

Did you know about the 6 human needs.

Career Building

Lets help you find focus.

Goal Setting

Let me simplify the process.

Relationship Coaching

Build better interactions with family or work or freinds.

Stress Management

Reduce the time worrying and make more time for better things.

Other Advice

Do you want to feel better at the next level.

What Is Life Coaching?

When you feel unable to get the results you want or feel frustrated with your life, coaching is the answer. A life coach can help you recognize where you’re stuck and show you exactly what needs to change when you can’t see it yourself.

Who Is Coaching For?

Are wanting to create the exact life you’ve always wanted? Then life coaching can direct you towards that destination.

A life coach is like the best friend who will call you out when you’re showing up in a way you don’t want to, give you tough love, and believe in you way before you may be able to.

What is The Process Like?

You’ll be amazed at the clarity, insight, and help you can get from working through your problems on a coaching call. Whether you’re being coached directly during a private session or listening to others being coached on a group call, listening to the application of the Model will help you experience life-changing breakthroughs.

You can bring an infinite number of topics to a coaching session. However it is best to ask for a topic you are trying to get better at this week or fortnight.

1. Emotinal Wellbeing.
  • Increased confidence/self-esteem
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Changing habits
  • Finding happiness
2. Work/Life Balance
  • Relationships/relationship building
  • Creating and prioritising time
  • Energy and relaxation
  • Stress management
3. Career Coaching
  • Interview tips and preparation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Career/ job change
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement planning
4. Motivation
  • Focus, drive and determination
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Accomplishing goals
  • Increased health and vitality
5. Personal Development
  • Realising your potential
  • Making a difference
  • Being the best version of you
  • Exploring new skills and learning

Coaching Packages

4 Week Coaching Package

4 sessions for . Your first session is 60 minutes long.

More Details

Let me know the things you want to improve. Life is full of challenges and i am here to help you improve. We all need to learn new ways to face challenges and problems. What if you had help from me to give you that boost and motivation to bring you further along.


12 Week Coaching Package

Lets get the 4 weeks

plus 8 sessions.

More Details

Sometimes we could look at how things are fitting into our lifes. Do you have the ideas to make you better. Did you know most top people in their lifes have a coach. The coach makes you think with inspiration.



26 Week Life Coaching Package

Get 6 months of coaching

Lets get you moving forward.

More Details

Some people wants someone to continue the journey with them. We like to treat people like our best friends. Best friends encourage the other person to do fantastic things in their life. Could you see yourself stopping of at many train stations when having a rail holiday. You would get off each train station and enjoy the scenes and doing things you perhaps have never done before. Then get back on the train and do things at the next city. This is life. We are always doing things each day hopefully a little different and more inspiring than yesterday.


About Me

I am on a new journey to help as many people as I can. My main aim is to navigate you to be a better person. You just need guidance and clarity.

I was born in Singapore and lived on Christmas Island for 15 years. Then I move to Australia and became a dentist.

Later I moved to England and have worked as a successful dentist for 25 years. My passion has been to help people on their journey in life with my vast experience.


“Thank you Harginder for making me understand why i have the need to be controll all the time. As soon as i let go, it is so much easier now to live because of the way you change my thinking.” Adam

“Faboulous coach, I found that if I was considered important by my family that I would find pleasure living with them. I found out now that it is the more i help my kids the more i get back from them.” Melanie

“I just did not contribute enough to my community. Harginder found a way forward for me, so that i could feel better helping others. This had been one of my goals but I found less time to help other people. Now it gives me more pleasure than I had ever expected.” Ryan

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!